Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mona who?

Kyle got this idea from a website we found where you can pay someone to put your photo in a famous painting. Pay someone to do what he is already talented enough to do? Ha! Meet Mona Karen and Mona Courtney!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa needs a diaper and Rosita the Snow Woman

Yes, you heard me right...Johnny came in with his new box of diapers and told me that "Tantas is stinky. Need wipes. Need diaper!"

Then, and this is a big deal for him, he took the diapers outside and spoke to Santa face to face. I think he was trying to find common ground with Santa. This kid loves the idea of Christmas, but is scared to death of any life size Santa. We went to see Santa at the Mall. Twice. Scared both times. When we inflated this Santa in front of our house, Johnny has been scared of him, but he will talk to him....through the window, from the car as we are driving away. But "Tantas" is right outside the front door and you have to walk right by him to get to the car. He runs! So anyway, we are outside with the diapers, and Johnny said, "Tantas, you're stinky. Need wipes. Need diaper!" He actually talked to him! He's not the real Santa, but hey. If he can talk to a larger than life Santa, maybe he'll talk to the one at the Church party on Friday. We can hope, anyway!

On another note, we had a 2 hour delay this morning for the 3 inches of snow received overnight. It was great packing snow, so since Kyle had the day off too, we all went outside and built Rosie and Rosita (we had no sticks for arms, so we improvised with roses Kyle brought home to me recently). First we made Rosie, then her top few layers fell off, so I put her head back on and we renamed her Rosita:

By the way, I am wearing a coat I bought recently, with the help of Bettie. I realized that my fleece jacket, which is all I have had for a winter coat for the past three years in NC and OK, would no longer cut it! :D

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We Elfed Ourselves!

Kyle and I had a lot of fun tonight elfing our family. First, the kids:

And then, us:

Check us out, then try it yourself...and show us your results. Have a very Merry Christmas season!!

p.s. Here is the best one (Mom, Dad, and Nate)

p.s.s. Here are the Grandma Grandpa Patches elves! Get down Grandma!!!