Sunday, March 02, 2008

We're famous!

The kids and I went to the public library on Friday for Dr. Seuss' birthday...which is today, as I understand it. The mayor came and read a story, and so did the Cat in the Hat. We got our picture taken for the newspaper. Here's the link to the photo and the story:

The picture is on the lefthand side. Click on the picture and it will enlarge the pic and the article. My Mom and Dad had to pull out the magnifying glass to see us in the pic, but you can see us all.

(I don't own a magnifying glass. I wonder when I will be old enough to necessitate owning one!)

Kid for!

Johnny is hitting his terrible threes. (Threes, in my experience, are much worse than twos.) Yesterday he found my purse and scattered the contents: keys, drivers license, debit cards, library cards, insurance cards....everywhere! He knew he was in big trouble and sat in time out very still and very quiet. After cleaning it all up, I went to finish the dishes and heard him in my office. Again. He was emptying my purse. Again. I really do need a lock on my door.
He wants to be like me, I suppose. He has climbed up and used scissors to help me on my finished scrapbook pages more than once. He likes to cut fringe along the bottom. Thanks, kid.

He also loves glue, so ooey and gooey and flowey. He has twice dumped out an entire bottle of elmer's glue--one on the carpet to fill up a "bowl" (a roll of packing tape, which incidentally has no bottom...glue and carpet are not a good mix), the other in a rubbermaid box with a lid that I got to keep the glue safe. The box also contained a stapler, tape, and writing utensils. The stapler was saved, but the rest went in the trash.

He is really feeling his oats. He disobeys on purpose, looking for the reaction that is so hard to not give. Tell him no and he does whatever it is even more, looking my way all the while to make sure I see him being naughty. Attention seeking, I'm sure, but half the time when I try to do things with him he just hits and kicks and yells. Another endearing trait of his: hitting/throwing/etc.

BUT, give him something like a glass of chocolate milk, and he is so polite. He doesn't have to be told to say thank you Mommy or I love you (too). He loves to sing and knows how to sit still for a story. But most of the time, he just exerts his right to be an almost three year old. By the way, the photos were taken on Ben's birthday. Just 13 days after the presentpalooza of Christmas, Johnny was, shall we say, a little upset by the fact that all of the presents were for Ben.

So, any takers? Just for a couple years? I'll even let you potty train him. ;)