Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Anniversary Trip, day one

In July, Kyle and I took a trip, just the two of us. This is a rare occasion for us. We had our honeymoon, a couple of times we have spent one night in a bed and breakfast, and I just remembered a weekend in St. George for a pharmacy conference about 8 years ago. I have taken a few girls only vacations in the last few years.  But never anything with just Kyle. Anyway, all this to say that a kid free vacation has been long overdue!

We drove the kids up to Utah to stay with both sets of grandparents and then we flew to Seattle.

Mt. Ranier as seen from the airplane. Quite impressive!

We got to Seattle, hopped in our rental car, and searched, and searched, for a parking spot so we could make our lunch at the Space Needle. 

The view from the rotating restaurant really is quite impressive. This colorful house really popped out at me as we spun around and was one of my favorite parts of the view.

After lunch we walked down to the pier and the Pike Street Public Market, best known for...

...the flying fish!

If you know where to look you can also find this amazingly gross gum wall.:)

The produce is super delicious and just huge!

One of the common sights we saw were these hanging flower baskets. They are all over Seattle and Victoria. It was so lovely, but probably impractical for arid Santa Fe.

A highlight of our trip was getting to see family we haven't seen in years. My cousin Lara introduced us to her fiancé Jesse.

They also took us on a tour of the outdoor art exhibit nearby.

After a long day of travel and fun, we headed off to our hotel across the river and learned a lesson. Making a reservation for a non smoking room doesn't guarantee a non smoking room. I still don't understand why they make more reservations than they can handle. But we were tired and just gave in and stayed the night anyway.