Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Putting a new spin on active kids

I just received an email from our realtor regarding our house hunting last night.  We had all three with us and they were in true form.  She said:

"Your children are so sweet, and curious and enthusiastic!  It's nice to see that.  So many kids are very subdued and apathetic, it's great that yours are so intrigued with life and full of joy!"

Love it!  I've actually been thinking the same thing about them lately, that they are intrigued with life and full of joy.  What a wonderful way to put it!  

No house yet

Last night we went and looked at 6 houses.  Well, 5 plus our favorite from the other day with the awesome office.  The kids all came with us this time.  It's a good thing they aren't in charge of choosing our house--they liked ones with good nooks for crawling in and big closets for playing in.  We prefer houses that fit the needs of our family.  When we went back to our dream house, we no longer had on our rose colored glasses...but we still like it the best so far.

It's nice to be looking for a house without being in a hurry.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yummy treat!

Bettie and I discovered this tasty treat:Here is a quote from their website about the flavors:

Jelly Belly, maker of America's favorite gourmet jelly bean, has teamed with gourmet ice cream shoppe Cold Stone Creamery to present this blend of five authentic Cold Stone creations.

Each bag contains a blend of Chocolate Devotion (chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge), Our Strawberry Blonde (strawberry ice cream, graham crackers, strawberries, caramel and whipped cream), Birthday Cake Remix (Cake Batter ice cream, sprinkles, brownie and fudge), Apple Pie (French Vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, graham crackers, apple filling and caramel) and Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip (mint ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge.

You have to try these if you find them.  Totally yummmm-o!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

And she lost yet another one...

Last night while brushing her teeth, one of Courtney's lower teeth came out.  Silly girl turned our drum upside down on her bed and put the tooth in there.  Good thing we were able to pass on the message to the tooth fairy!

The best part of the story is that this morning she decided that for Halloween she wants to be the tooth fairy.  They are pretty good friends by now, you know.  And I think there is one more tooth that could easily come out by Halloween.  We keep telling Courtney that she is going to be down to just pudding and applesauce at the rate she is going with losing her teeth.  :)

We found the perfect house!

This morning we met our realtor for the first time and got to see our dream house in person.  We found it online and have been drooling over it.  Now that we have had more time to research other houses and other neighborhoods, it makes this house even more appealing.  The price is amazing (for Santa Fe) for the size.  And it has an amazing office with built ins that would be perfect for scrapbooking!  It has been on the market for over a year.  Just waiting for us, I guess!  Kyle had to run off to work after looking at houses this morning so we haven't had a chance to talk.  We saw three, but this was the only one that would work for us.  Plus the move would be super simple.  It is only .3 miles away. We still need to talk and pray and (maybe) look some more.  But I'd hate to lose this one, if it is the one meant for us.  (I hope, I hope, I hope....)  By the way, my wonderfully artistic sketch above is upside down.  I know.  Just click on it to make it bigger and turn your computer upside down.  LOL

Here's the link if you care:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a working woman!

I worked for a whole hour and fifteen minutes this morning.  And again next week.  Woohoo...look at me go.  I'm being a spanish interpreter for my friend who works with deaf children.  We had a little problem with me forgetting to be just an interpreter, but we'll work on that.  She is doing the kind of assessments I did as a social worker.  She needs to just jab me a few more times to get me to not say too much and I'll get it figured out.  Now that we've had our first visit I'll know what to expect and what to do and not to do a little better.

It's supposed to only be 3 or 4 visits, as needed, a month.  The babysitting situation is what worries me a little, but it should all work out.  The good thing is that this will help me keep up with my Spanish.  And I get paid to spend time with my friend!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cowboys and Aliens?

Ben and Johnny were playing with these:
Not these:

I had to go take a look...Johnny kept talking about the aliens.  I guess we'd better get that one straightened out before he tells people daddy works for the Alien Health Service. (He works for the Indian Health Service.)  Oh well, this is New Mexico!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog housekeeping

For what it's worth...I have moved my scrapbook related blogs and webisodes over to my scrap blog.  That is all.

Dusk in our backyard

Our backyard faces east, so this is just the reflection of the sunset in the front yard.  So stunning...we're sad that when our families came to visit it was so overcast.  You were really missing out on some gorgeous skies.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...

Just in time, before the one tooth came in too far, she has both top teeth missing. (Another week or so and one of her bottom teeth will come out too!)  We tried many things to help the tooth out--we were very surprised Courtney was willing to try the string around her tooth again!  (You may remember that with her first tooth out many months ago not even she would wiggle it.)

And look at her now!  Too too cute!  I love the way she thoundth when she talkth.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Check out these hilarious cakes.  Apparently all of these cakes were purchased from and decorated by professionals. 

Friday, September 05, 2008

A look at what I might have looked like through the decades

Here's the website:  yearbook yourself.  Here are my photos (reading from L to R, they start at 1950 and end at 2000 going every 2 years).  Don't look too close, the website program is far from perfect in getting the photos to mix together.  At least I finally figured out I could change the angle and zoom on each photo.