Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a working woman!

I worked for a whole hour and fifteen minutes this morning.  And again next week.  Woohoo...look at me go.  I'm being a spanish interpreter for my friend who works with deaf children.  We had a little problem with me forgetting to be just an interpreter, but we'll work on that.  She is doing the kind of assessments I did as a social worker.  She needs to just jab me a few more times to get me to not say too much and I'll get it figured out.  Now that we've had our first visit I'll know what to expect and what to do and not to do a little better.

It's supposed to only be 3 or 4 visits, as needed, a month.  The babysitting situation is what worries me a little, but it should all work out.  The good thing is that this will help me keep up with my Spanish.  And I get paid to spend time with my friend!

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Bettie said...

You should get paid to spend time with me - you have to do all the work and put up with all my crap. You truly are a saint!