Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom, I'm Bored....

School is out. And now comes the challenge of what to do with our days when we are home all day. If I let them, the kids would play computer all day. For Family Home Evening, we came up with a list of our Have tos and our Want tos for the summer. There are some duplicates on the list because we were all writing things down at the same time on a poster for the wall. We set a time limit for computer each day, and now they can just refer to the list when they don't know what to do.

The have to list is pretty short:
Brush teeth
Brush hair
-rooms: clothes, books, bed, toys
-family job
Scriptures and prayers
Practice music
Spanish lessons (Courtney requested that we put this on the have to list)

Our want to list, a.k.a. Mom, I'm Bored! list:
Make anime (computer program)
Visit/call relatives
Play with friends
Board games
Write a book
Have a playdate
Play at the park
Catan (board game)
The nameless game (something the kids do together outside)
Practice Japanese (computer program)
Write a story
Movie night
Dominion (card game)
Yardwork for neighbors
Pictochat (computer program the kids do together)
Ride bikes/scooters
Blacksmithing (Ben is building a forge in the backyard)
Scout merit badges
Take a nap
Read a book
Paint a room
Pop Island (another computer program the kids do together)
Go to the Library
Draw Something (iPod app we do as a family)
Go camping
Farmer's Market
Go for a drive
Spanish lessons
Email friends and family
Read scriptures
Camp on the patio
Projects with Mom
Take a shower (here's hoping this can make it to the Want to list for the kids someday...)
Put on a performance (music, acting, poetry...)
Write a letter to grandparents
Practice instruments
Go on a hike
Pick weeds (the kids have actually done this for fun before!)

We all wrote on the poster, and now it is on the wall to be added to when ideas come. It was great to let the kids come up with the ideas, so they have more buy in to doing them!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Johnny's strange brain

Johnny was just making up verses to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus:

"I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus..."

"I saw Santa give us some Thrive food, hiding it in the storage cabinet just now..."

"I saw my puppy biting Santa Claus..." my puppy a.k.a. Max (his stuffed dog from the Grinch)

"I saw the oven burn Santa Claus..." because he was hiding some reusable macaroni and cheese for us....when we eat it then go to the bathroom it appears in the oven again...I hope it doesn't come out through our privates, I hope we eat it and it goes down into our stomachs and then it appears back in the oven...

Whoa. That kid is something else!  Side note...he says a.k.a. all the time. Hilarious!  We sure hope Santa doesn't try to bring us that mac and cheese. I don't think I could eat it...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Our musical kids

Our kids were born with their father's love of making music. They all sing and dabble in piano, guitar and recorder. Ben plays the saxophone. Ben and Courtney, but mostly Courtney, play the violin. Now, they have a new instrument to add to their musical resumes. The handbell chime something or other.  We went to pick up Ben today in the band room and while I talked to the music teacher, the kids picked up the chimes and without any discussion came up with this melody. The music teacher said he doesn't know any other kids that would come in and just start playing music like that. Improv handbells...I wonder if it will catch on?

Friday, November 18, 2011

iPad 2 giveaway!

There's this great little company called Zagg (whose headquarters happen to be in SLC) that we love. We found their awesome iPod screen covers and with the way Kyle tends to ruin screens, it seemed perfect for us. We also use them for our phones. Amazingly strong covers with a lifetime warranty. Totally worth it.
Anyway, they are doing a Black Friday giveaway of iPads. Here are the details, from their site:

On Black Friday, November 25, 2011, starting at midnight (MST), we’ll be giving away an iPad 2 every hour. 24 iPad 2s over 24 hours. Each hour is a new opportunity to enter the giveaway. So yes, you need to go to the giveaway page each hour and enter.
Entering the giveaway will be simple. To enter, just submit your email address. For additional entries, you can share on Facebook and Twitter. A Facebook share is worth two additional entries and a Twitter share is worth one additional entry.

The website for more info is: 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Anniversary Trip, day one

In July, Kyle and I took a trip, just the two of us. This is a rare occasion for us. We had our honeymoon, a couple of times we have spent one night in a bed and breakfast, and I just remembered a weekend in St. George for a pharmacy conference about 8 years ago. I have taken a few girls only vacations in the last few years.  But never anything with just Kyle. Anyway, all this to say that a kid free vacation has been long overdue!

We drove the kids up to Utah to stay with both sets of grandparents and then we flew to Seattle.

Mt. Ranier as seen from the airplane. Quite impressive!

We got to Seattle, hopped in our rental car, and searched, and searched, for a parking spot so we could make our lunch at the Space Needle. 

The view from the rotating restaurant really is quite impressive. This colorful house really popped out at me as we spun around and was one of my favorite parts of the view.

After lunch we walked down to the pier and the Pike Street Public Market, best known for...

...the flying fish!

If you know where to look you can also find this amazingly gross gum wall.:)

The produce is super delicious and just huge!

One of the common sights we saw were these hanging flower baskets. They are all over Seattle and Victoria. It was so lovely, but probably impractical for arid Santa Fe.

A highlight of our trip was getting to see family we haven't seen in years. My cousin Lara introduced us to her fiancé Jesse.

They also took us on a tour of the outdoor art exhibit nearby.

After a long day of travel and fun, we headed off to our hotel across the river and learned a lesson. Making a reservation for a non smoking room doesn't guarantee a non smoking room. I still don't understand why they make more reservations than they can handle. But we were tired and just gave in and stayed the night anyway.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not all those who wander are lost

Bettie, Katie and I went backpacking this weekend. It took a lot of convincing to get me to go...I am not a huge fan of camping. But Bettie has some awesome powers of persuasion and I went. It was a very relaxing and fun 3 days.  We always knew exactly where we were (Right here! What more do you need to know?), even if we didn't always know how to get to where we had planned. But in then end, we made it to our original destination. 

Our first destination: an unplanned but decidedly perfect detour to Nambe Lake. Great waterfall on the way. The lake was surrounded by impassible mountains so we knew it wasn't the lake we expected. But we loved it.

That night we spent in a nearby meadow. It got kinda frosty and the next morning we considered cutting our trip a day short because our toes (and everything else) were freezing in our sleeping bags.

But after we got up, ate, and packed up, we decided we could handle it and were ready for another day of hiking. That is Katie, me and Bettie. We found some friendly hikers to take our picture for us.

This is the sign that caused our detour. The path we wanted was not labeled except for the no camping sign. There were not nearly enough signs to point the way. Also, our map didn't even come close to showing all the paths we passed by. But we never felt despair and we found our way.

This lake was our favorite of the three we saw. We missed the lake Bryce told us to find but found this one instead and we loved it.

Our second night was in a field full of so many kinds of trees, plants, flowers, and bugs. This was my favorite tree, which we camped under.

And this picture shows the answer to why anyone would want to backpack:

There were so many butterflies and flowers. (Lots of bees and flies too, but we'll just forget that part.) So many butterflies, big and small. And lots of amazing flowers.

This was the end of our trip. (I'm in the blue shirt.) We were supposed to have a car waiting here for us so we could drive home. Our husbands were worried because they hadn't heard if we ever found the right trail (the only time the cell phone worked was when we were camping that first night) so they were waiting around in hopes of our contacting them to tell them where we ended up. When we didn't find a car waiting for us, we continued on our way and hiked almost 5 miles until Bettie got the attention of a couple of cute guys ;) with cars full of kids and they pulled over and picked up these three dirty hitchhikers.

The end. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Me...then and now

Thanks to Google, this week I found two people from my high school years that I have been trying for years to reconnect with. One is my friend Anna and the other is my favorite high school teacher Ms. Schultz.  It took some work but I found them with some pretty random information about each of them. Go google!! I thought it would be fun to show what I looked like in high school when I knew them compared to what I look like now.

Then (10th grade?):

And as an added bonus, my cute family:

This photo is from last summer, but the current stats on my kids: Ben is 11, Courtney is 9 and Johnny is turning 6 this weekend.