Monday, June 25, 2007

Cute words from Jonathan

That kid is too much! When you offer him something he wants (like chocolate milk, or as he likes to call it, coclate water!) he says, "Thank you much!" If he doesn't want it, he will say, "No thank you much!" Even if it is something like when I tried to cut his nails last night...he was mad and crying out "NO THANK YOU MUCH!!"

When I tell him he needs to go take a nap, or come inside, he will huff or put his head down and pout, and go marching obey! Crazy kid. :) Not that he obeys all the time...not in the least! I think this is the first time the terrible twos has hit one of my kids while he was still two. The other two got it more around age 3. He is so animated and dramatic...a hoot to watch his facial expressions!! This pic is one of my favorites of his. This is his "Please??????" face that is so hard to say "No" to.

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Nicole said...

Oh....poor little guy! I've never met him and can totally hear him saying "no thank you much." (menomena )Why do kids hate getting their nails cut so much? Michelle is 6 and I still have to battle her on that one.