Friday, October 26, 2007

Our new home!

In August we moved from hot and humid Oklahoma to sunny and warm Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are so excited to be able to shop somewhere besides WalMart. That's all we've had for 3 years! And we are now a day's journey from Utah and only about 45 minutes (not 3 hours) from the Albuquerque temple. And 10 minutes (not 2 hours) from the Stake Center.

We haven't sold our house in OK yet, so we are renting for now. Here is our home:

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We were so excited to get rid of our lawn mower before we moved....yard work isn't exactly our favorite activity. Here is what our backyard looks like:

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The kids have made friends and are enjoying school. We have made friends and Kyle is enjoying work. Our friends and the kids' friends are in the same family, so we get together with them at least once a week to play games. The ward has already put us to work. I teach the kids who turn twelve this year in primary. Kyle is teaching Gospel Essentials/ Spanish! We do have lots of opportunity to use our Spanish here. I get to visit teach, and be visit taught, in Spanish. I'm a little rusty, but not too bad.

We have a guest room and we'd love to entertain any family or friends who'd like to come visit beautiful Santa Fe!!


Emily said...

YEAH!!! Your new home looks so nice!!!!!

MommyJ said...

wow! what a different landscape... I hope you all love new mexico. I think I would miss grass, and big oak trees. I also can't believe how grown up Courtney looks in the karate pictures! She has changed a lot since I saw her last. You know how it is... when people move away, your own kids are allowed to keep growing, but when others change, you just can't believe it! Glad to find your blog... it will be fun to keep up with your family!

Bettie said...

Hooray for no grass! Ok, I miss it occasionally, but what a waste of water. It's nice to have parks to play in though. I think your house is great. Too bad you didn't take pictures of the inside of your house at night. Poor lighting? Hehe. Thanks for sending me your blog link.

Bettie said...

You called me your friend? How nice.