Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a waste of time!

I'd heard bad things about the hospital here in Santa Fe, but luckily hadn't had to experience them yet.  Until tonight.  Benjamin has this toe that has been discolored and swollen since at least last Thursday, but not painful until someone stepped on it...and then it killed for a couple hours.  This afternoon before I picked him up from school, I called his doctor and they said we should get him seen today, but they didn't have any openings so we should try the hospital.  

I thought we would save time by going to the Indian Hospital where Kyle works.  Apparently no one (Kyle, the triage nurse...) thought to tell us that their x-ray machine was broken.  So we wasted about an hour with that appointment, which ended with the doctor telling me that his toe looked bad and we should get an x-ray.  Thanks.  That was my intention.  

Then it was 5pm and silly me decided to try the ER at the city hospital, St. Vincent's (which some call St. Victims).  Three hours after we signed in, I finally found someone willing to help us figure out how long until our turn...but then she saw we hadn't even gone to triage and, well, we just left.  Such a stupid waste of time.  I sure hope we never have to go there with a real emergency.


Bettie said...

Man, it would have been faster to drive to a hospital in Albuquerque.

debbie said...

So how's his toe now? Is the toenail discolored? Is there a pocket of pus? When I had my "toe issue" last summer, the dr. said it was headed toward cellulitis if I didn't come in when I did. It was also swollen and discolored. Something in your family apparently rubbed off on me. I've never heard of anyone getting that except for your family members. :)