Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good news, bad news

So, the good news is that tonight Ben is going to receive his Bear at cub scouts! He's pretty excited.

The bad news, well that story is a bit longer. Last night we had the missionaries over so we could feed them dinner. We always like to have them give us a scripture message after dinner and before they go back out to get to work. Are my kids the only ones that get super worked up (aka...hyper) when the missionaries or home teachers or repairman comes over? I don't know if that is the explanation or if it was too similar to our nightly scripture time that Johnny doesn't know how to sit still for either. Whatever it was, Johnny was running around, despite warnings to stop. I reached out to stop his running and he ran straight into my outstretched hand. It crunched. Think falling off your bike and stopping your fall with your hand. Yeah that. What I did back in college some 15 years ago with my other hand. This time though, it doesn't feel broken. Maybe a sprain, maybe nothing. But it is my right hand and I'm getting pretty good at left handed now. By keeping my wrist straight I'm able to type, with only a little difficulty.

So that's the story. As my friend Susannah responded when I posted on Facebook about this, the word of God can be HARD to take sometimes. And boy was it ever!

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Sheffers said...

hope your hand gets better. Thats great that you are getting better with the left hand, you may just switch in the end!