Monday, January 15, 2007

Do it right the first time!

Kyle and I are tackling our first major home improvement project together: painting the living room. I am new to painting and learning alot. But, I did a lot of research by watching Trading Spaces and Designed to Sell. :) This house is 45 years old and needs a lot of loving. Someone, years ago, put up a wallpaper border in the living room. The next person painted OVER the border. But didn't cover the edges, so the edge was very visible, and didn't prime, so the flowers were showing through, too. Hmph. WE got the pleasure of ripping off the wallpaper and today we finished spraying and peeling off the paper and adhesive underneath. It wasn't that big a deal. Why don't people just do things right the first time? It saves a lot of time and hassle. Like when I make my son redo his homework because he sped through it and the handwriting is huge and messy. Do it right the first time, or fix it when you realize there is a problem!

Soapbox over. Back to work.

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