Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The plagues continue...

First it was lice: shampooing, combing, laundry, combing, laundry, combing.... Then, colds: coughs, runny noses, trash cans overflowing with used kleenex. Now it's gastrointestinal yuck: well, we'll just say it's comin' out both ends. When will it end? We haven't had a break from it. And I got it every single time! It used to be that I didn't get sick when the others did and I could take care of them. But not this time! The house gets to be such a mess and then when the plague is over I almost get it all cleaned up and then BAM. We get hit again. I THOUGHT MOM WASN'T ALLOWED TO GET SICK???

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Traci said...

Awwww... I have been trying to check out as many SS'ers blogs as possible and I feel bad for your plaques! I have had such weeks and I know they are not fun. BTW, I always read the first and last entries of people's blogs so I read the one about SS and it's so true isn't it? My husband thinks I'm nutty... but he's starting to understand that if it brings me peace, let it be, lol. I am going to LA to meet Pottersdaughter in March... ok well I'm going to visit family but I'm going to church with her while I'm there and then to lunch. Of course my sweet hubby thinks this is beyond odd that I want to meet some internet friend in real life. Hmmf. Well you understand right? Keep blogging, and simplifying!