Thursday, February 22, 2007

No time like the present!

That is my mantra...for today anyway. I set some goals and decided to actually keep them this time. Goal number one is actually helping me accomplish all of my other goals. Goal #1? Get away from the computer during the day! I am allowing myself two hours a day. It is helping today. For example, I got on this morning and as my hour ended, I typed up my to do list. I have been checking things off of my list! I only get to come back to the computer to update my list, then off to do something else. Blogging right now doesn't count toward my computer time because blogging was on my to do list. It's all that time chatting with my friends on Scrapshare that usually takes up my time. But no more! I'm not abandoning them, just limiting my time there. That's all.

I enjoy how I feel when I get things done...when my house is cluttered, I feel cluttered and get cranky. When my house is clean, and I have worked to make it so, I feel satisfied and can enjoy relaxing and doing fun things. This is all part of the goal I set for the year to learn to keep up with keeping house. Slow and steady wins the race, and I think I am in the lead. Today, anyway.

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