Sunday, April 27, 2008

I never claimed to have a green thumb

I have kept alive very few plants in my lifetime. I over water, I under water, I forget they are there. I do have an aloe plant that we have owned almost a year and it made the move from Oklahoma. I don't think you could kill that one very easily. I even lost to a cactus once--thought it would be easy. Last month Kyle brought home a beautiful but half dead clematis. I finished the job on that one too. At least here in Santa Fe, it is a desert and our outdoor plants don't require much on our part. We'd hate to ruin the little landscaping there is on this house, since it is a rental and all. But hey, no grass to worry about and rocks require absolutely no watering!

On a different note, I found this wonderful quote recently about raising children. I hope my real gardening skills have nothing to do with my child gardening skills:

"Try to see your child as a seed that came in a packet without a label. Your job is to provide the right environment and nutrients and to pull the weeds. You can't decide what kind of flower you'll get or in which season it will bloom."
--a modern educator


Bettie said...

I am rather afraid that my gardening skills are reflected in my child rearing - except my kids aren't dead and have continued to grow dispite my poor soil. It's good to have the Master Gardener looking over all his plants, even the ones we are entrusted.

Kaye said...

I'm thrilled to know that I'm not the only one out there capable of killing a cactus. My kids thought it was pitiful when my cactus died.