Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Before and after

My computer friends are sharing their makeup before and after shots, and I decided to play along. Here's my before:


And here's after (with what Johnny is calling my "crazy hair"):


Now, if you know me, you know that usually my hair is just wash and go. Brush through it, put it in a pony tail, but not this curl mop. I did this with my flat iron just for fun. I have so much hair, it is difficult for me to do a good job of this on my own. Courtney's hair is super easy, it's so thin. I do hers all the time.

And as for the makeup, well that is something I really have only been doing for the last year or two on a consistent basis. I've almost always used mascara, but the rest was only for special occasions. Since Johnny was born, I've had this lovely splotchy skin. And I found some super easy to put on makeup (Bare Escentuals). Hides the redness and blotchiness. Love the stuff!


Brynn said...

WOW, just... WOW! You're beautiful!!! This is the first time I've seen a close up of you, holy cow, you're a hottie!

Bettie said...

Did I ever tell you about the song Bryce's sister made up about his mom? It goes, "my mom doesn't know what make-up is"

I think my kids think that of me - they just don't understand how naturally beautiful I am. With an emphasis on natural ;)

CloverGirl said...
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CloverGirl said...

Karen, you're stunning.

And I don't know why it was deleted the first time! :(