Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The house was quiet yesterday

No messes from Johnny. Of course, that's because he was asleep all day and had a fever of over 104. It started Monday night and was 24 hours of feeling miserable, but gratefully there were no other symptoms. This morning we woke up to Johnny in bed next to me and he felt just fine. He only gets in my bed when he is sick...which then makes my day worse because I can't sleep with him there.

Anyway, today he was up an running around and back to himself. It's funny that when he is active, I can get so frustrated, but when he is sick, I miss his energy and personality. I guess it just goes to show that we do need the bad to help us appreciate our blessings.

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Emily said...

I h=ope that he is feeling better soon!!! We have been sick here to Tanner has had another ear infection which makes 2 so far this year Bummer, I"m hoping that its finally cleared up (we go back to check tomorrow.)I'm glad that you like those jokes. I was laughing so hard and was sure someone else would need a laugh too!! Hope all is well there