Saturday, August 16, 2008

Something funny happened on the way to the restaurant...

So as not to detract from the nice evening we had on Thursday, I chose to leave out a couple details.

#1--If you've eaten with Kyle enough, you'll know this about him: he hates to eat with 3 prong forks.  A fork isn't a fork unless it has 4 prongs (personally, I'd rather see a 3 prong than a 5 prong myself...but that's another story).  So at the Japanese restaurant, the table was set with just chopsticks.  Kyle gave it a go, but he just isn't comfortable with using them.  He doesn't have it figured out.  So we asked for forks.  And they brought the 3 prong forks.  Hmph.  He couldn't figure out which he would rather use.

#2--When we arrived at the restaurant, it was run by native Japanese people.  Two different men that helped us saw our "Got Good Marriage" t-shirts and asked us if we were just married.  We told them it was our 10th anniversary and they asked if we had kept the shirt and been wearing it for 10 years.  I think the language barrier made them think the shirts really meant to say "Just Married".  Whatever.  They did sit us in a private section of the restaurant, which was nice!  

#3--When I eat Japanese food, I love to get tempura vegetables.  Yumm!  How funny when we realized this was definitely Santa of the veggies was a strip of Hatch green chile.  Yea, I gave that one to Kyle.

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