Saturday, April 04, 2009

The cute things Courtney has said this week...

I asked the kids if they wanted to stop at the store with me or wait til I could go by myself.  Courtney voted to go shopping...because it is one of her "hobbies."  SHE'S ONLY 7!   Aaagh!

We were at the children's museum playing at the bubble table.  There is a sink next to it to wash you hands.  Courtney washed her hands and came over to me complaining that she couldn't figure out how to get the paper towels to come out. 
Umm, you pull, silly.  (Johnny asks me this all the time in various public restrooms.  Since he is recently potty trained (yea!), public restrooms are much more interesting to him now.  All the time I'll find him waving his hand or looking for something to turn to get the paper out.)

There was a  missing cat poster in the grocery store parking lot.  "It's a good thing we didn't find their cat...they want $100 for it!"  :)

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Bettie said...

I tell you what, sometimes it does take several tries to figure out the paper towel dispensers. I'm sure glad I've had years of experience and that I have pants as backup :)