Monday, November 08, 2010

Beware Mondays...

Last Sunday night (on Halloween), Courtney hurt her finger.  She had her old car booster seat in the house and sat in it on the floor, but her pinkie was under it and it got hurt. Monday I took Courtney to the doctor because her pinkie now looked like this:

It's a little hard to see, but she has bruising all along her pinkie.  It's her right hand, but she is still managing to write and play violin.  The right hand is the bow hand, so this isn't as debilitating as a left hand injury would have been for her violin lessons.  She got an x-ray and came home looking like this:

It looks like a probable longitudinal fracture in the distal end of the phalynx. :) That means it is not a serious break.  I guess Courtney was enjoying the attention or something, because today, one week later, I got a call from the school nurse that I needed to come pick up Courtney from school.  I showed up to find her looking like this:

No, she didn't get in a fight. Not with a person anyway. She got in a fight with the blacktop on the playground during P.E. class.

I think her finger brace actually protected her right hand from further injury.

And this is how she looked when we got home from the hospital this time. Luckily, no break this time.  But she does seem to have a sprained elbow. Two Mondays in a row. I hope "three's a charm" doesn't apply for Courtney.  Please.   We'll see how violin goes tomorrow...  

On a side note: I think her popularity might take a bigger jump with this injury, right?  A finger splint is one thing, but a sling?  Much more visibility, much bigger must equal a higher coolness factor.  I remember breaking my arm at her age.  I had a cast and I didn't care that my arm was broken.  I had a cast and that was awesome!  Kids are so silly.

Side note #2: I do have to say how extremely grateful for Kyle's job. We can use the Indian Hospital's services and not have to go to the local large hospital. We get in and out pretty quick and the x-ray is right there. I am also grateful that his job provides for our family so I can be a stay at home Mom. It makes days like these a lot easier to handle.


debbie said...

Oh my goodness! She looks miserable. I hope she mends well!

Thomas said...

Poor Courtney. We agree with Debbie that she looks miserable. But, at least she can get some benefit by wearing her sling to school and getting lots of attention. We hope that we don't have the same experiences. Grandma's and Grandpa's are usually hurt a lot worse when they fall. Also, they don't heal as fast. So-- we are going to be careful.