Tuesday, November 09, 2010


You may or may not be wondering if Courtney and her sling got all the attention at school today. I drove the kids instead of sending them on the bus so I could help Courtney with carrying her things.  As soon as we walked in the classroom, all the kids were asking her, "How are you doing Courtney?"  "Did you break anything?" "Are you OK?"

It worked!  :)

By the way... it is true that Courtney wasn't feeling great yesterday but even more true is that she knows how to play up a situation.  When I pull out the camera to get a picture of how miserable she looks, she puts on her best sad/in pain face. She really is doing OK. In fact, after we changed her bandages this morning and then let her get dressed, she told me that people weren't going to know she hurt her knee because she was wearing long pants.  She was still limping a bit so I reassured her that the limp would clue people in.  Of course, when she isn't thinking about it, she doesn't limp.  Silly girl.

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