Friday, April 22, 2011

Courtney is adapting quite well to this broken arm

(Thanks to our awesome new iMac, photo and video posts are now a piece of cake and I will hopefully be blogging more  because of it.)

So, on Wednesday, Courtney collided with a soccer ball and this happened:

That day, Courtney was very quiet and melancholy. I think it was pretty scary for her. But since then, she has been happier than usual. This morning she came knocking on our door and asked:

(She is very quiet, but she says: "Can I have some medicine?")

Which, if you know Courtney, is absolutely a. maz. ing. She has also figured out how to make do with one hand in many situations. Today she changed her shirt on her own, with only a little help from me. More examples of learned independence:

That is a Beyblade, the biggest craze around our house right now. It took a bit, but she figured out to turn it around backwards and pulled the rip cord with her thumb.  The most impressive act yet of her one handed achievements is that she can now play violin one handed:

 She will not let this broken arm get in the way of playing the violin. This is her first year taking violin at school and it has made quite an impression on her. Her teacher says she is one of the more advanced students she has and that she will miss her. Courtney will not be able to play in the year-end concert, but her teacher is letting her keep the violin over the summer. She has already pulled it out 4 or 5 times since Wednesday to practice. :)

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debbie said...

Ouch! How long does she need to wear the cast?