Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Disney last!

Taking the easy way out, here is a slideshow of some highlights of the Disney part of the trip. Enjoy!


Lisa said...

Fun pictures! Courtney looks more and more like you everyday!

debbie said...

I finally have a chance to comment! I love the look on Ben's face in Pixie Hollow with Tinkerbell. Did you tell him to pose that way? So funny! Love that one of Johnny looking at the castle at night. Courtney looks petrified in that first Space Mountain picture! Did you ride Soarin' over CA? If so, what did you think? Love that one of Johnny by the Cali Screamin' measuring stick. I should have taken that same pic the other day. Cade was so disappointed that he was too short to ride. In that first Tower of Terror pic with the whole looks like Johnny isn't phased at all. Looks like he is just watching TV or something! Cade wanted to ride that so badly, but the last time I rode I had a miserable headache for over 24 hours, so I didn't take him. I took him on Jumpin' Jellyfish instead and called it good. :) Even that got to me a bit. That's John's very favorite so someday he and Cade can have a TOT Fest. Also loved the one of Johnny and Courtney being whale watchers on Storybook Land Canal Boats. Very cute!