Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Updates: Courtney's room and The House

Drumroll please.....Courtney has actually been keeping her room clean!  And she has been doing it on her own with no reminders, persuasions, punishments, yelling, loss of toys, or loss of privileges. Mindboggling that "a place for everything" actually works!

On Saturday we went under contract for buying The House.  Today we had the home inspector come.  Funny, it took $450 to meet our neighbor...he lives about 6 houses away from us right now.  There were a couple issues, the main one being a roof in need of repairs.  The owners will take care of that and a broken window.  The owners have kept very good care of the house and it shows.  We'll see about getting the few issues fixed and we should be good to go for moving in on December 4!  Our landlord told us he will prorate our rent for us since we wont be in this house for much of the month.  If everything keeps going well we will get a new home for Christmas!

(We did find and kill a black widow outside the garage, but we'll just hope he was an orphan...)


MommyJ said...

Yay for a new house! You guys will move in about the same time we do...

we had lots of black widows that lived in the garage of our last house... they lived in the corner, right inside the garage door... not fun at all.

debbie said...

thanks for the update...been wondering. sounds fun!

Tracy Kosofsky said...

ICK!! I hate black widow spiders!! :)

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