Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Beatle Mania at our house (post #4 now, is it, for today?)

Johnny is sitting next to me doing "homework" and singing along to Dad playing Beatles Rock Band.  "She's got a ticket to riii-iide.....My baby don't care."   Now he's singing his questions to me in the tune of the songs.   "Mom what does this say?" and of course I've got to sing my answers back.  Earlier, and the reason I grabbed the computer to blog, he was singing along to "I wanna be your mother baby, I wanna be your man."  Bwahaha!  I think I'd rather he said that than lover.  Not a word I'd expect to hear from a 4 year old, kwim? He knows a lot of these songs now.  Super cute to listen to.  He's actually a very good singer with an awesome memory for music!  As you can see, though, drums is his instrument of choice.  He can't read well enough yet and guitar is pretty challenging.  Drums you just to bang really loud.  Nice looking band, dontcha think?

One more Johnny-ism for the day: at the library today Johnny got a ruler.  On the way home he was measuring things and said, "Look!  This weighs 6 months."  You gotta give him credit.  He used a term for measuring size and gave a unit to his number.  This kid's a genius.  Mathematical AND musical!

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