Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oh yeah, Halloween pics!

I guess while I'm at it, I might as well post our Halloween pics, eh?  First of all, Kyle and I try to find a costume that goes together for the two of us.  Last year we were the weather:

Kyle was a tornado and I was cloudy with a chance of rain.  If you asked me I made it rain on you.

This year, we thought about being Monk and Natalie (no, Debbie, I don't think I could pull off Sherona).  But everyone we told it to thought we were talking about a Monk, not Mr. Monk. Too much explaining to be done with this one. We finally found an idea online that was super easy and a fun joke.  But, it still required explaining.  It was interesting because when we told what we were, you could tell people either got it or they didn't.  Here it is:

Kyle is a lower GI and I am an upper GI.  Ba dum bum.  :)

Now on to the cute kids:

Magnet Man.  Ben came up with this idea with his gifted teacher.  The day before Halloween at school.  So Thursday afternoon was spent cutting and painting and getting his costume ready.  Courtney, the Snow Princess, designed her costume around her pajamas and we had it made a couple months ago.  She had a special place to store her costume all summer long just waiting for Halloween.  Last of all is my little Red Power Ranger.  Grandma gave him the costume for his birthday in May and since it still fit, I strongly encouraged him to just use it for Halloween.  He relented and did just fine...he loved showing off his muscles to everyone.  :)

Luckily the weather warmed up just in time to not need winter coats for the Trunk or Treat.  Happy Halloween...time to start thinking about Christmas now!


debbie said...

Upper GI and Lower GI...very clever! BTW, I bought the new Thanksgiving album today. Making Memories, 12 x 12 3-ring binder, brown leather with leaves embossed down the front left side, square opening in the middle, under $15.

Lisa said...

so clever I love it!