Friday, November 09, 2007

Maybe I should make this a website sharing site...

My friend Vivian on SS had this link on her blog:

You get to cut snowflakes online! Here's the trick, I was trying to aim the scissors, but all you do is move the scissors with the red dot around until it turns green over the spot you want to cut. You don't have to try to aim the scissors at just the right angle, like I was trying to do! :D Just go try it, and hopefully you'll understand what I mean. Enjoy!

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MommyJ said...

Karen, I love all the websites. I've been playing on for days. My brainy sister had a score of 48. I fluctuated around 40 most of the time. Anyway... came to tell you I've tagged you for more randomness... on my blog. So, now you are it!