Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What is it about the doctor's office?

Yesterday we had doctor appointments for the two boys. Kyle had the day off, so we had the whole family there. Why did I do this? I've told myself before I will never take all three kids to the doctor's office at the same time. And yet, I did. In my deluded state I thought the kids were older, Kyle would be there, we would be ok. NOT!

Poor doctor. It was our first time at this clinic....AND I work with his wife at church. (He has seen us at church, but he is not LDS and doesn't always come.) The stories he will have for his wife!!! Well, I guess it all depends on how strictly he adheres to the HIPAA regulations at home. Maybe he didn't tell her how all three kids were climbing all over everything and everyone in the room and how often he had to stop talking because the noise level was reaching a deafening pitch in the room. Maybe his hearing has recovered. At least he doesn't have to buy a new laptop...but it sure came close to being kicked off of his lap.

We told the kids we could do something fun after the doctor's visit....IF they behaved themselves. They had received dire warnings before arriving at the clinic. Everything was fine until the doctor showed up in the examination room. Then, all, um, heck broke loose. The one benefit is that their behaviors did nothing more than confirm to the doctor that our son did indeed have some ADHD issues. It worked...we came home with a diagnosis and prescription! Then again, I'm surprised that he didn't just add on a diagnosis for the other two angels as well.

Next time I tell you I am taking all three kids to the doctor, slap me upside the head. Oh and by the way, did I mention that I'm taking them all of them for their flu shots 5 days before Christmas?!


Emily said...

Oh I feel your pain. Glad that you survived!!!! We had to take Tanner to the doc and thankfully TJ was able to come or it would have been just me and the kids and that would have been not so good. :)

Bettie said...

You just gave me permission to slap you upside the head (if I can reach;). I fully intend to take advantage of it one of these days. Beware!

Karen said...

Bettie....I forgot someone local was reading this. I'll be sure to wear high heels just to be sure you don't! :D

MommyJ said...

I've done this many times. I always think, "sure, I can handle it.." and then we're there, and people are staring, and I wonder why I ever even leave the house with all of them! It's like when I go to the grocery store with all four kids... about half way through the trip, I think, am I crazy? or just stupid?