Thursday, July 30, 2009


On his way to bed last night, Johnny said, "I love you Dad." I love you too, Johnny. Then he said, "I love you Mom." I love you too Johnny. Then he said, "I love my adults!" What a funny way to put it!

Courtney and Ben have both been thinking about the Second Coming lately. Courtney wants to be a Mom before then and Ben wants to have a job in the medical profession before then. He thinks being a doctor won't do him much good then. We reminded him that all knowledge is good and helpful. After all, I'm sure Heavenly Father has a pretty good grasp on how the human body works, wouldn't you say? And we also reminded Courtney that even if she doesn't get her wish, she can make up for it later.

I love the cute things my kids say, but I'm horrible at keeping track of them. At least I'll remember these now!

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