Thursday, July 02, 2009

Zero Desire

Bettie sorta tagged me to do this 10 things I have zero desire to do or be or try or whatever. She sorta tagged me because she told me in person I had to. I don't usually do the blog lists, but this one seems like fun.

I have no desire to....
1. Have a pet dog or cat or anything else except a fish. I have 3 kids...who needs pets?
2. Own a business. Not my kinda fun!
3. Run a marathon. Good one Bettie...I'd have to agree with you on that one. My knees and lungs are thanking me already.
4. Be famous. It's hard enough for me to know what to say when I get a compliment now...can you imagine people always hounding you and telling you how wonderful you are? Ugh!
5. Run for office. I hate making big decisions. Isn't that what politics is all about?
6. Be a chef. Um, no. I'd rather eat it than slave over cooking for everyone else.
7. Go scuba diving...and for that Kyle, I am so sorry. I know you love it. But telling me how cool it is to have fish swarming around you is NOT the way to convince me to do it!
8. Eat tripe. Or tongue. Or any other non-normal animal part. I've tried liver (Mom made us when we were kids), chicken toe (just a bite in Spain) and pig cheek (again in Spain). That's as crazy as I get.
9. Bungee jump. Or skydive. Or paraglide. I have this thing for heights. And edges. And safety equipment possibly failing. Yeah, I think I'll pass.
10. Be a doctor. Bodily fluids, gross wounds, looking at body parts that aren't meant to be looked at, trying to remember all the names of said body parts or sicknesses or medicines to prescribe. So many reasons to not do this!


Share :) said...

I like your list too Karen. I can certainly agree with a few, like having a pet,running for office and eating weird things like tripe (I think I just threw up in my mouth), bleh!
I would enjoy being a chef however, I may run a marathon and if it wasn't for vomit, I could be a nurse...
And can I just say, isn't it weird I didn't see you even once when I was just there and you were 3 blocks away?

Bettie said...

Good list :) Thanks for playing. I think that I would agree with the famous thing but because it would suck to have everyone in your business...I am SO not perfect enough, no desire to worry about how I look and act all the time. That would be awful!