Friday, July 24, 2009

My kids really ARE listening to me!

My three kiddos are in the other room taking turns playing Wii. I heard some whining from Courtney and the Ben lecturing Johnny: "Johnny, you don't need to take the remote from her. Use your words." That's a phrase I use with the kids all. the. time. Go Ben!

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debbie said...

It's nice to know that things get through occasionally, huh.

Thanks about the hair. I think that might have been a good angle on a fairly good day. It's usually not that "down." I just think my hair is too thick and too "out there" to be that short. I told your mom that I feel like my head looks like a mushroom or a Q-tip when it sports short hair. :)

I agree, we need to see you guys during a non-holiday established time. We are extremely flexible. The kids were extremely disappointed when they found out on the drive down that there would be no cousins to play with. They thought I was just kidding at first. Your mom said you wouldn't be there for Thanksgiving or Easter. We need to figure out something. I'm sure we could work around what is good for you guys.

How 'bout some pictures of your recent getaway?