Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only three days to go...

Kyle has a conference this week in Tucson and we all came along for the ride.  We arrived Saturday and we leave on Thursday.  The drive was no biggie...only 8 hours.  Seriously, it went quickly; we are experts at long drives.  It's staying in this dinky hotel room that is miserable.  The kids get stir crazy all too quickly!  Sunday we went to church with a new friend (Bettie's sister and her family).  Then Kyle was gone from 2 until bedtime.  Yesterday we went swimming in the morning and then walked a mile to the Children's museum.  The kids were so worn out from walking, I don't think I can convince them to walk anywhere today.  We'll see.  There's a park I saw pretty close by--that might convince them.  We need to find something to do because even an hour holed up in this room is more than they seem to be able to handle.

On a positive note, Johnny is potty training himself on this trip.  (Courtney also began her potty training in a hotel room!)  He has never had success in actually going in a potty, until Sunday.  He has always said that "it doesn't work".  Well, guess what!  It works!  He went three times on Sunday and only used his diaper for, um, #2.  Yesterday we were out so much, we didn't get success, but he still tried and instead of saying it didn't work, he put a positive spin on it and just said there wasn't any pee in there.  

We called the grandparents on Sunday to let Johnny tell them the good news.  He said:
"I went potty!  My p_ _ _ _ works.  It had yellow on it."  Yeah, um, last week when changing his diaper, he pointed and asked what his male parts were called.  So I told him.  And he has been using that word ever since.  Joy.

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Bettie said...

Ha ha! Boys love to talk about their parts, too bad he's starting so young;) Congrats on the potty attempts. By the way, do you think you can get home before Saturday? Bryce and the girls are going camping (leaving Thurs) and I'm all alone again for the weekend :*( Seriously, I do miss you and I'll be happy when you are back!