Monday, June 30, 2008

They came, they saw, they had a lot of fun!

Mom, Dad and Nate (or is it Nnine  he he he) just left to drive home to Salt Lake.  They got here Thursday afternoon and we kept them busy.  We started with Karate class, where the family got to see Ben and Courtney do their thing.  Friday we took them to hike Bandelier to see all the old cave dwellings of the ancestral pueblo people.  Mom amazed herself by doing the whole mile and a half hike up and down many stone stairways and it didn't even hurt her knees.  

Saturday we went downtown to see the heart of Santa Fe.  We went in some shops, showed them artwork, jewelry and pottery that we think is typical Santa Fe, and saw the shop that sells Kyle's woodwork.  While we were there Kyle found out he'd made a sale and got his commission.  The highlight for me would be that we got to see the Governor's palace and see how marbled paper is made.  The highlight for the kids would be the parade around the main square.  It was, however, a gay pride parade.  At least we were able to give them a Santa Fe kinda day!  We went to lunch at one of our favorite places, Tia Sophia's, and we trained Dad well.  When asked the state question, "red or green?" he responded perfectly: "Christmas on the side."  Good job Dad!  We all are green, for sure.  We ended the day with dinner at a Chinese buffet since this is the kids' favorite kind of food.  After serving Johnny about 10 different foods, including ice cream, we finally found something he would eat...the lo mein.  3 bowls full.  And he figured out how to use the split front toilet seat while at the restaurant.  

There was a lot of Wii playing going on too and Mom said, more than once, that Nate needs one of these.  He just got the PS2 for Christmas, but she thinks the active nature of this one is better suited to his needs.  Yeah, and how many times did I tell them this before they bought the PS2, hmmmmm? Not to say I told you so, but....

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all had fun.  Now we have a week until we do it all over again.  Kyle's parents and his brother and his family will be here next Monday.  Oh well.  At least I only had to vacuum the stairs and the car once to prepare for both! 

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