Monday, June 30, 2008

Photos with the fam

Here is part two of the story of my family's visit to see us here in Santa Fe.  Here we are picnicking at Bandelier.  There are signs everywhere saying you shouldn't feed the animals.  Apparently, there's a reason.  This bird was a little too friendly and unafraid of people.  There were also a couple squirrels that almost climbed up my leg...

This shows some of the many staircases we had to climb at Bandelier.  Mom and Dad don't do well on stairs, but they made it without ever falling.  Mom was quite proud of herself for making it.  She hasn't walked this much since Las Vegas, but at least this time her knee felt ok.

Dad and Nate both climbed up the ladders to check out the cave dwellings.  We were a little worried since last time Dad climbed a ladder (onto the roof) he couldn't get down.  He made it this time, gratefully.

See the straight lines of holes?  That is where there used to be beams to support roofs for rooms in front of the caves.  They lived in the caves and built storage rooms in front of them.  These were occupied around 1200 to 1400 AD.

All hail, the conquering heroes!

This wildflower is growing in our front yard.  It reminded Mom of a plant they have in their yard.  They discussed buying one to take home with them.  We did some research and think it is Russian Sage.

The cathedral downtown.  Mom enjoyed looking at the pictures inside of the stations of the cross and wishes she spent more time to see them.  Johnny, however, couldn't wait to leave.

The sign says it all.  This is another sight typical of Santa Fe.  It is mostly silver and turquoise jewelry, with a few other crafts thrown in.

The man making marbled paper.  He was very patient and answered all of Ben's questions.  This was our favorite paper he made.  It's a very interesting process.

The gay pride parade.  Welcome to Santa Fe!

And just think, if you come visit us, you'll get free room and board too and us as tour guides to these places and more!  We moved here last August and these were our first guests.  Everyone is invited!!

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