Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We've been MACd!

Last week we finally decided how we wanted to stimulate the economy.  Our desktop computer is showing it's age and is getting obnoxious to use, so we decided to go all out and got a MacBook Pro laptop computer.  So far we have been able to figure out everything we want to do on it and it is so fast and so fun!!  

I love being able to use the computer and the internet wherever I want.  I love how fast it does things...especially when working with photos.

Speaking of photos, the Mac has a built in camera and some fun filters.  here are a few of our favorites.  Aren't my boys cute?  LOL


Mama Segle said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for the link!
To get to the church you turn from Thornydale right onto Sumter and it's right there. But you can call me for more specific info- 307-258-7864.

Mama Segle said...

We love our Macs!!